Information About Our Services
Music Publishing
  • Our Publishing Arm: J Kerr Music
  • Our PRO: ASCAP
  • Our Label for Artists: ByJove! Records.
  • Our Library Music Label: Storyteller.IM


Storyteller.IM makes sure that music written and produced internally is registered and published in the proper channels to maximize revenue streams. It is a service we can provide clients as well.


The short answer is you don't. And we will show you that. Music publishing is based on an old-business model, yet it is still the method for how artists get paid for their music. Most artists don't know this, but when a song is released to streaming platforms, they are only getting paid for a portion of the money they are owed. There is a completely different collection process for the performance side of the payment structure... where artists might leave up to 50% of their earnings unclaimed.

It is definitely possible for artists to become their own publisher and collect this additional revenue... or you can use our brand to do so for less than other companies charge. It should always be reiterated that knowledge is the key to success. We don't hide that from you. In fact, our goal is to educate you as our client and how to maximize your very existence in your career of choice. Book a consultation to learn more.

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