Information About Our Services
Music Production
  • Mixing: Making a multi-track recording sound awesome.
  • Mastering: Taking a final mix to the next level.
  • Producing: Developing a song to be its best expression.
  • Songwriting: Writing lyrics, music, and melody.
  • Lyricist: The wordsmith to the songwriting process.
  • Composing: Writing music to film, commercials, and games.
  • Live Sound Engineering: Mixing musicians on a stage.
  • Location Recording: Film/Location recording of audio.
  • Recording: Capturing a musical performance to medium.
  • Coaching: Personal video or on-site coaching/training.


Storyteller.IM provides music services ranging from both the CREATIVE and TECHNICAL aspects of the music production process. You might be thinking what is the difference between creative and technical music services. We are glad you asked! Our CREATIVE services include the shaping, forming, and developing of ideas into music. Our TECHNICAL services include the tasks of recording audio, mixing, and mastering.

An example of a CREATIVE service would be the PRODUCER role with a band or artist. The producer is responsible for taking a song the band wants to record and turning it into a much more polished song by adding additional instruments, changing parts, coaching the players on how to play and when to play, adding additional instruments, vocal arrangements, etc. after the recording.... you catch the drift.

An example of a TECHNICAL service would be the MIX ENGINEER role for a band, artist, or producer. The mix engineer is responsible for taking all of the ideas recorded and produced and making sure it sound great. It isn't as simple as it sounds. In fact, it is one of the hardest things to get right. But at Storyteller.IM, we have highly skilled mix engineers ready to bring your song to life.


We've worked with everyone from new artists, churches, venues, film productions, to major pop/country/rock artists with Billboard #1 hits. Contact us today to see how we can help your musical dreams come true.

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