Information About Our Services
Film Production
  • Directing: Captaining the film from start to finish.
  • Scripting: Writing the film.
  • Storyboarding: Creating images of the shot sequences.
  • Cinematography: Capturing the moments through film.
  • Location Audio: Recording audio on site for video.
  • Editing: Comping all recorded footage into a final film.
  • Coloring: Making the footage look great.
  • Lite VFX: Special FX (not heavy).
  • Sound Mixing: Mixing audio for film.
  • Composing: Writing music to film and commercials.


Storyteller.IM provides music services ranging from both the CREATIVE and TECHNICAL aspects of the film production process. By FILM we mean anything from a feature length film, to commercials, to music videos. Basically short form or long form video production.


We've worked with everyone from new and established directors to churches, venues, bands, musicians, and simply creative individuals. Even with simple tasks like capturing a live band performance, we inspire creativity.

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