Information About Our Services
Event Videography
  • Modeling Shoots: Capturing beauty is an event unto itself.
  • Live Band Performance: A live performance = a great promo.
  • Birthdays: Each one only happens once.
  • Anniversaries: Special celebrations you want to remember.
  • Corporate: A broad category, but we cover it all.


Storyteller.IM provides videography production services for special moments, events, and corporate needs. Whether it is modeling shots, a child's birthday, a big moment in one's life, of even just a random infotainment production - we are there to capture those memories.


We have produced films for churches, models, bands, local talent, families, friends, and corporations.

Our goal is to create a film that captures the intention and character of the story we've been hired to tell. To us, it isn't as simple as just shooting some video and editing it together. No. We see each opportunity as an artistic endeavor - each unique in its own situation.


Notice how we keep using the world "film?" To us, the word "film" encapsulates endearing productions regardless of medium... but the word references a time when resources were more valuable and every moment that was captured had to have an intention and unique character. It was far to expensive to just let the camera roll and see what happened. So even though we are in a digital world, we still like to think of our process as shooting for film.

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