Information About Our Services
Book Publishing
  • Publishing: Get your book out there for real!
  • Develoopment: For those looking to find acting work.
  • Proofing: Multi-stage proofreading services.
  • Cover Design: A book IS ACTUALLY judged by its cover.
  • Layout Design: Make your book look professional.
  • ISBNs: Take electronic control of your book.


Storyteller.IM can help take a manuscript and get it into print AND onto bookshelves and eBook stores. This is often a valuable service for up and coming authors who may not yet have a big publishing deal. But to be perfectly honest, those big publishing deals with mega-corporations are not developing rising authors. They have other purposes which we will refrain from discussing here. We recommend persevering and letting your work speak for itself.


There is a significant difference between being published and being self-published. While technically the result is the same, being published holds a different weight in the eyes of bookstores. This is something that you want to consider as a new author. Additionally, many self-published authors tend to miss some of the important details that can help separate themselves from the masses.

There are over 1 million books published annually in the US. Shouldn't you give yourself every opportunity to succeed? Whether it is through our publishing arm or through our expert services helping the self-published author get their manuscript to the finishline - our goal is to help you. We aren't out here serving ourself. Schedule a consultation with us to learn how we can help!

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